S9 Special: w e r e c r ø w

by hex6

Today, we’re chatting with our very own w e r e c r ø w to start off our S9 Special interviews where you can learn more about who we are. He’s a talented hip hop & rap producer based in Wisconsin, and probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Don’t sleep on him.

Who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Wassup y’all, it’s ya boy werecrøw. I’m a producer from Milwaukee, WI. I try to keep it as based as possible, I’m just me.

How did you get started in music and what inspires you?

I get inspired by based creativity of all kinds! My homies in S9 probably inspire me the most – the artists I work with are the future. I have been drawing / painting since I was 5. When I got older though, I felt like sound was a better way to express myself, and I’ve never been happier doing anything. I taught myself Ableton Live on YouTube, and the rest is history.

You have a few albums and EPs out, the most recent one being KING CROW. Are there certain themes that inspire each of those projects? 

Every project I release has a concept to it, it’s the same way with my paintings. Everything is super symbolic, from the key to the song title. If you know me and what I’m about, it will make sense.

King Crow is a super special tape to me. It’s 24 tracks (cuz I’m fast like Jeff Gordon). It’s basically a collection of beats and features summing up my growth in 2019.

You’ve also got the project you did with Nimbus Nine. Tell us a little bit about that.

Yooooo! Nimbus Nine is the man, shouts out 444 Clvn. I found dude on social media and peeped his YouTube, turns out he’s on the same vigilante shit I am. So, we linked up on social media, and been working ever since.

Flame Swordsman is a 4 track tape with a similar beat and melody structure. It’s basically a tape to show people the perspective of an empath in the world we live in, super inspiring words.

The spoken word is actually Nimbus’ voice taken from the YouTube video I discovered him from. Bro goes crazy. He also has done some producer tags for me, setsetset!

Any projects you’re working on right now?

I’m working on an EP series called Weapons Online that will drop this year, and a 15 track album with Blue De Chanel, he’s my brother from Pittsburg (shouts out #nwg). Also, hella music with Don GADY and everyone in S9, as well as hella new stuff with Nimbus Nine and spaboyss.

I’ve also got music with Tripp Suave from Miami, altrd state in Canada and bae.con from Germany.

Gotta keep working ALWAYS feel like I’m zaytoven.

What’s the most difficult thing you’ve come across when producing?

Sometimes, I just get a creative block, or I’ll let a beat sit unfinished for whatever. Guess you can’t rush art though.

If you could give someone advice, when it comes to making music, what would you tell them?

My biggest advice is to swallow your ego and be true to yourself!!!! You can manifest whatever you want in the world, that’s facts. YouTube is your best friend, you can teach yourself anything you want to.

Where can people find you?

I’m the only werecrow to ever exist. You can find me on YouTube, SoundCloud, and all streaming platforms by searching my name! I have a traktrain & BeatStars, too.

Set! Cult activity or no activity bitch! w e r e c r ø w 2020, based love to everyone who fucks with me! Love.

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